Coreco Group

Starting with 10 people, we invested passion, sweat and tears into building a recognised brand which now has 50 staff and places £1bn worth of lending. This is some achievement, whilst keeping sacrosanct the ideals we formed with; transparency, trust and the client at our core.

Our strategy has been defined this year by asking the question, is there a better way? Every aspect has been dissected and streamlined, starting at the very top. We have involved everyone in looking at what Coreco stands for and what personality we have, culminating in producing our DNA.

We mapped our Customer Journey to ensure the Coreco experience is the best it can be and all clients are dealt with in the best way. Every person & process has one question in mind, what is the client feeling? Our professionalism and personality is evident from the moment the phone rings, an email, live-chat or web lead is received.

Part of these results led to a complete restructure of our business and a new company Organogram, putting the Customer at the top. We embraced Women in Finance and now have a 5-woman Senior Management team. This sums up the Coreco approach.

Our Client Servicing Team is the cornerstone of Coreco’s process, responsible for every client, ensuring they are dealt with correctly and enjoy the same Coreco experience. They also provide a technology-led after sales service and retention strategy that delivers a 65%+ retention rate, with every client contacted 6 months before their rate expires.

Comments and testimonials received form the bedrock of our marketing, used as our Social Media strategy and help shape our future process.

We were the first broker to really embrace Social Media as a tool to engage with the public and educate in a non-salesy, down-to-earth manner, as well as producing the first regular Podcasts from a broker to promote the industry as a whole and educate the public.

We have 130 5-star Google Reviews and 9.4-star rating on Trustpilot. We no longer compare ourselves to other brokers, but the best service providers outside our industry.

We engaged in a strategic re-brand, delivering a fresh, modern brand built for better client recognition, moving away from being London centric and backed up by social and content to engage consumers.

We want to lead in the digitisation of our industry, ensuring that our brokers and their personality is still evident. There is a gap between traditional and digital brokers for a brand that delivers down-to-earth advice with a high-tech, high-touch approach.

We’re passionate about Financial Literacy, seeking to educate consumers years before they may need our help.
It’s not just about Coreco, it’s about promoting the wider industry and ensuring borrowers have down-to-earth information and professional advice. We work in partnership with lenders, believing that the future of our industry relies on working together.

In short, we are passionate, inclusive and nice people who deserve recognition for what we have and are continuing to try to achieve.

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