Investec Private Bank

Overview of what we have achieved:

2018 brought a particularly challenging market backdrop. Tax changes coupled with the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Brexit has made the prime end of the property market particularly difficult.

A key component of our strategy was to focus on our broker relationships. Brokers have always served as an invaluable part of our business and strengthening these relationships was key for our success. We understood that brokers are often time-poor themselves, especially when dealing with the demands of HNW cases. We looked at how we could assist with making their business as seamless as possible.

We addressed this by focusing on giving a swift response to brokers, pulling on our resource throughout the rest of the bank to come back with timely solutions to loan and security structuring. We also began to develop a thought leadership program to provide insight to brokers on some of the more niche areas that we operate in, e.g. private equity income structures, as well as general market and economic trends.

Our Private Bankers will assess each mortgage application personally, looking at the full picture, including bonuses, carried interest and vesting stock. Clients who are paid in a foreign currency, international clients and those who receive high bonuses are all examples of where we can assist. We also ensure that the construction of all our mortgage offers can be unique to the needs of each individual. Examples of this include joint borrower sole proprietor, cross collateralization, limited companies and trusts.

The added complexities of lending to high net worth clients often present challenges for retail lenders but as a private bank with extensive experience in this sector we have the knowledge and ability to assist often as standard criteria.

Intermediary Testimonial:

“Investec are the best private bank that I introduce clients to for mortgages. This is due to their good appetite for business, attractive bespoke terms, and ability to understand complex client scenarios, and straightforward and quick credit and on-boarding processes. Most important of all, though, is the quality of their private bankers and BDMs, whose knowledge and experience is unrivalled, and swift responses, can-do attitude and client service and care second to none.”
Nigel Bedford, Senior Mortgage Manager,

Goals & Plans for 2019:

We listened to feedback from our brokers on the technical side of dealing with Investec. Off the back of this we kicked off a major IT project to develop a new lending platform which will operationalise the enquiry process and ensure we can deliver our lending solutions more efficiently to brokers, whilst still maintaining our bespoke personable service. We are very pleased to announce that this will be launched in early 2019.


We strive to assist our high net worth clients at every opportunity to achieve their personal and business aims by providing them with a bespoke personable and unique service. Our dedication to our Intermediary partners is unwavering too as we look to build this channel and increase our presence.