Rachel Geddes – Mortgage Advice Bureau – London City

So who am I (in business)? After being in the industry as a broker for over 12 years I decided 3 years ago to set up my own brokerage in the City I had fallen in love with London. Many would say this was incredibly brave or insane and I believe I fall into both, on a daily basis. When setting up the business my focus was long term customer service and retention which is what my business model is built on. As a fulltime broker as well as managing a sales team of 5 that do more than £80million pounds of lending a year this is no small feat. So to find out I had been nominated for this prestigious award by a peer in the industry was an overwhelming honour.

So what makes me and GMM so fantastic? Well that is easy, an obsession with customer service. In an industry that is forever changing it is key to maintain your existing client’s. This is at the heart of everything I do. To be able to do this it is essential to have a robust process in place that is consistently used with every client not just from application to completion but throughout the lifetime of the mortgage. We have seen a huge success of this process with over 75% of my personal business coming from client retentions. I was asked by Accord earlier this year to share my process with the industry as part of their first phase of client retentions and the importance of this to every broker and business.

However, client service is not just a robust process. It is ensuring that your customers secure the right mortgage and protection policies to meet their individual needs and feeling confident on the advice that they are receiving. As a city-based broker majority of my clients are very complex cases requiring a high level of experience. To be able to assist these clients it is imperative that I built and maintained relationships with BDMs, private banks, foreign national lenders and specialist lending distributors, as well as solicitors, surveys and HIFX firms so that all client’s needs can be met to avoid unnecessary stress and hassle to the client. It is also extremely important that time is spent with every client reviewing their protection needs, making them aware of what is available and offering the correct solution. This is built in to are whole sales process as I feel we ethically and morally need to inform our clients of the risks that are out there but offer the solution too.

Testimonial Louise Ball:

“I whole heartedly recommend Rachel. My first mortgage was very daunting as I had no experience with mortgages. From the outset Rachel took the time to explain to me clearly and simply what types of products were out there for me. Since then Rachel has stayed in close contact with me and helped with me all my remortgage’s.”