2018 has been another year of exciting change for The Buy to Let Business as we work to further improve and broaden our proposition whilst continuing to implement our growth strategy. The number of employees has increased by 29% this year, with expansion across every department. We are proud of the high calibre of our staff and have introduced a major new benefits package to reflect our reputation as a market-leading employer.

Finding new avenues for lead generation is key and we are excited about the imminent launch of our new lead generation website. This will provide an accessible, user-friendly journey for clients with the addition of live rate sourcing. We have also expanded our presence in the auction space and now regularly attend auctions at Liverpool, Exeter, Sheffield and Llanelli. We’ve seen a significant increase in the amount of written business as a result with 54% of the leads generated so far this year resulting in a mortgage offer being made.

We value the strength of the relationships that we hold with a broad selection of lenders. We’ve added three new, specialist bridging lenders to our panel this year amongst others. As a brokerage that can assist with both non-regulated and regulated bridging, these additions are very welcome. This year has seen an increase in both the number of lender days which we’ve held at our office and the number of on-site underwriters. We have had access to a number of impressive exclusive rates including a recent portfolio pilot with a large, high-street bank.

We’re always looking to improve our service through the use of technological innovation. This year we have set up a new end-to-end integration with a specialist lender to streamline the application process and have more lenders lined up for the coming months.

Our second charge mortgage business has really taken off thanks to the strategic appointment of a secured loan specialist bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Her years of experience in this field have had a huge impact on turnover. Conversion from application to completion is over 90% on business brought in this year compared with 30% last year.

The protection department continues to provide clients with a full suite of protection products, specialising in landlord protection. The quality of the advice we provide is evidenced by our clawback rate of just 6% against an industry average of 19%. The department has been joined by a dedicated general insurance consultant who has made a significant impact since her arrival.

Under the inspiring leadership of Ying Tan, the company continually strives to deliver the very best customer service. Our 5-star Trustpilot rating and impressive NPS score of 77 (from over 680 responses) reflect both our expertise and the level of care provided to our clients. The needs of the client remain centre-stage as we continue to carry out 100% file checks to ensure the business that we write remains of the highest quality.