United Trust Bank

United Trust Bank’s (UTB) straightforward approach and dedication to providing the very highest levels of service has always been extremely well received by brokers. We lend on a diverse range of construction types and our pragmatic approach to underwriting means that customers who’ve had an occasional blip in their credit history will still be welcome at UTB. Although we are a ‘prime’ lender, our flexibility means that we can often accommodate customers who have been turned down by others.

UTB has continued to develop its offering over the last year in both product enhancements and the high levels of introducer and customer service it has become known for. The result has been around a 30% increase in average monthly applications and our elevation to the number one provider of secured loans to the prime market.

Ben Gillespie, owner of ChaseBlue loans said:

“UTB’s second charge offering is outstanding. Great products, simple processes, a fantastic underwriting team and excellent BDM and training support.”

Earlier this year we increased the maximum second charge loan size from £250k to £400k. Feedback from brokers had been that there was a demand for larger loans especially from customers looking to complete more extensive home improvement projects or buy additional properties.

We relaxed the criteria on our Hometrack AVMs enabling even more borrowers to take advantage of the increased speed of application, lower costs and greater convenience of not having to take time off work for an ‘in person’ valuation. We reviewed our credit criteria and made them even more flexible for those customers with an imperfect credit score.

Case study – Fast larger loan enables a property purchase for a parent

UTB was happy to assist an applicant in purchasing a home outright for their mother using a £310,000 second charge loan. After viewing numerous properties, they finally found their ideal flat.

The applicants discussed their options with their Credit Intermediary, an approved introducer for UTB. Together they completed a fact find and established that UTB had a loan that suited their needs. The application was received with the applicant’s last two months pay slips and valuation report. These enabled the Mortgage team to swiftly carry out the initial underwrite. Within a week the offer had been issued.

Offers are accepted by returning the original Mortgage Deed which the customers did in time for the Bank to release the funds to their solicitor just 48 hours later.

— case study ends —

We have continued to invest in technology and attracted experienced professionals in the sales, underwriting and admin teams.

We have structured our processes with underwriting and admin teams supporting specific BDMs and the brokers/packagers in their regions. This has led to stronger relationships, a deeper understanding from both sides of what we can offer to customers and introducers and a streamlining of the application process meaning faster decisions and completions. Our move to also commence working with a selection of networks and mortgage clubs has made our competitive, flexible and accessible products available to even more borrowers.