Fluent for Advisers

Established in 2008, Fluent Money Group has grown to become the largest and best regarded loans broker across the UK (customer satisfaction survey of 4.89/5 with over 5,500+ unique reviews)

Recognised for customer focus, our market-leading proprietary IT capability helps provide a customer journey designed to maximise positive outcomes with access to 15+ lenders.

Currently employ around 260 full time staff across the group and are responsible for 1 in every 5 secured loans in the UK

The Fluent proposition is all about taking care of Brokers and their clients from the moment of referral to their received loan funds.

We will provide our partners and clients with an unparalleled level of service, at every level, that we believe cannot be matched anywhere within this industry. We believe that continual investment in our staff and systems are the key to this.

We are continually striving to better what we do within every conceivable aspect of our business. We fundamentally believe in the “marginal gains” philosophy and that consistent and incremental improvements at every level will then produce large results when viewed overall. Whilst this requires constant measuring and monitoring at all levels, it shouldn’t mean we need to micro manage staff and their departments.

We allow our managers the space to run their departments and give them as much autonomy as we can within the framework of what we’re trying to achieve; and that is to increase those marginal gains in a compliant manner.

We are huge believers in software driven solutions, but only if those solutions offered cannot be bettered in any more basic way (i.e. we have never found a better way than an old-fashioned phone call from a Mortgage Broker to one of our Advisers when trying to establish whether a customer who has a complex set of circumstances can be matched with a loan product or not!) The point being that we don’t create Smartphone Apps or online platforms just to demonstrate we can do it and we have it, we only do so when we truly believe it is going to enhance our offering and increase efficiencies, service and conversions.

We have several software platforms. These software platforms include loan sourcing, loan submission, case tracking and smartphone apps. All supported, built and maintained by our IT department. Our IT department are also on hand to offer individual solutions and support to our partners.

To our knowledge, we are the only secured loan broker in the UK that has achieved the ISO27001 accreditation in Data and Information Security Management.

In our trading history we haven’t lost a single partner to a competitor, a fact we are incredibly proud of. We do not rest on this however, and push continually to build, create and better what we do to ensure partners know Fluent is the right choice for their business. We truly feel that no other broker within our space has created an overall service and proposition like the one we have.

We are well funded, well organised and understand our core business better than anyone else within this marketplace, we sincerely hope that our passion for both our business and the industry is evident to the judging panel.