Intrinsic Financial Services

People, value and trust are all at the core of our strategy. This means we aim to support advisers to develop their businesses, build value within them and pass on trusted advice to clients.

One of the key ways we facilitate this is through helping advisers lead clients through the mortgage to wealth advice journey. Typically seeing a mortgage broker is the first time someone gets a form of financial advice. To make this experience as valuable as possible for clients, we aim to impart not just mortgage and protection advice but also illustrate the merits of wealth advice. This helps clients fulfil their housing aspirations and reach their lifetime financial goals.

This also means that our advisers can move away from the often-transactional nature of mortgage advice and create longer term relationships with their clients translating into a more valuable book of business.
We continue to urge our advisers to promote protection as part of the advice journey. Mortgages are significant financial commitments which need protecting, so if the worst does happen a client does not fall into a spiral of debt.

We also use technology to provide our clients with notifications showing when the end date on their mortgages is coming up. Alongside this, we have built in annual reviews so that our clients can get holistic advice about all their finances, as well as making sure their mortgage is working best for them.
Our network of advisers have diverse and unique knowledge in a range of areas which enables our clients to be referred across our network so that if someone’s circumstance dictates they need a more specialised product, we can give expert advice.

Our new dedicated mortgage support team is at hand to give clients answers to their questions and support them when they need it.

There is currently a dearth of advisers in the industry with just 20,000 financial advisers for over 15 million people in the UK. To try to combat this Intrinsic has funded an adviser training programme with Quilter Financial Adviser School to bring new advisers into the industry. So far 207 students have joined the programmes, 32% of who are woman and the average age is 29. Intrinsic’s commitment to the creation of new financial advisers will ultimately shape advice and is central to our proposition.