So, what is the entry process for the SFI Awards and how does it work?

Read on to find out how we select our winners for the UK’s favourite specialist finance awards. Or scroll down to view the timeline of key dates and deadlines.

The SFI Awards entry process is split into three online stages: nominations, voting and judging.

In stage one, you can nominate yourself, your company or another business or individual. We recommend reading through the category criteria before entering. Placing a nomination only takes a moment and although you are not required to submit any supporting material, there is an option to include up to 200 words on why you think your nominee should win. This information will help the Mortgage Introducer team to qualify your entry and will be passed onto the judges should your nominee make the Shortlist.

You only need to nominate a person or company ONCE per category in order to guarantee a spot on the Longlist and qualify for the voting stage.

Nominations close on 29 April. We then spend a couple of weeks verifying each and every nomination; making sure they meet the category criteria and operate in the UK.

Stage two is when the public vote takes place. Once the Longlist is announced, nominees then have until 1 June to create campaigns and canvas their clients, colleagues and wider industry audiences to gain as many votes as possible. Votes from family and friends will not be accepted. At the end of the voting stage, the FOUR nominees with the most votes per category will make the Shortlist.

The final stage of the SFI Awards is judging. Every year we handpick a judging panel of approximately 60 experts from all sectors of the industry and publish this online. The judges have one week to decide who they think should win and this process is moderated by Mortgage Introducer.

The winners will then be announced at the awards ceremony on Friday 8 July at SUSHISAMBA in London.

If you have any other questions about the SFI Awards, you can contact us here.


July 8


June 24

Judging closes

June 15

Judging opens

June 6

Shortlist announced

June 1

Voting closes

May 17

Longlist announced & voting opens

April 29

Nominations close

April 13

Nominations open